Welcome to the REST Voting tool. This tool is designed to allow you to search for all CSOM and REST exposed APIs of SharePoint and Project Server. Once you find them, you will see what methods and properties are exposed via REST. If you want to vote for class members to be added to the REST\CSOM\JSOM APIs, you can do so using this tool. Additionally, you can generate example code using each API.

Architecture Explained

You can learn about SharePoint's REST architecture here


You can search for a particular class or member in the SharePoint REST stack here

Navigator Tool

You can also use the navigator tool to navigate up and down the REST stack here. When using the navigator, you can also use the example tool to create a sample REST, CSOM and JSOM example based on that path (if supported). This tool is still in alpha stages, but will be improved over time to catch all the various outliers.

Voting Results

Voting results of the community for future REST/CSOM/JSOM additions can be seen here

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